What can I say? I come here to allow catharsis to take root. I reach out that perhaps you have been there also. I want my actions to be the best as I was made to be by God, and leave evidence that I was here. Sometimes fun; sometimes funny; always real and with the only truth I  know. I hope you enjoy. I hope you relaxed a little and maybe got that second wind you were hoping for.  I’m reaching for mine; ever experiencing…ever living…ever growing;  but only slightly rebelling too…

One of my favorite Eric Christensen paintings

2 thoughts on “About

  1. concerning the occupiers, u hv been listening to much to the media, they r liars and pound the movement bc of their 1% ter control. posimose is right. i hv been to nyc occupiers on a reg basis and not seen any of what u speak. the cops make a mess and blame the group/ par for the course, they cops start trouble and mk it look like they r the victims. this is what they r told to do! occupiers work hard to maintain their good reputation. also they r very organised

  2. My sister lives in Portland, OR and when passing by the movent’s tent city there, it was all she could do to not vomit, the stench was so awful. So the media has been accurate in its reporting of such details. And that was mostly what I was trying to say. For me, when there is such lack of regard for others in a protest ABOUT rights and a dissatisfaction with things as they are…it made it harder for me to take seriously. However, change is not always pretty. Look at the genocide in Africa. That is not all pretty and dainty either. And I get that.

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